Thank god for empty Draino bottles near me as this thing crawled on my leg.  Brown Recluse aren’t even supposed to live around here.

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The reaper slipped right past us

Bastard stole your breath away.

A lot of death last session.

Marcel joins officially.

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tagged: #Cardians #Cardian #WOD #Marcel

Actual dork

Character for Cardians, WOD, Marcel.

My shorty grumpus character whom I haven’t drawn in a long time.

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Run from the Night | Caleb Bantum

Soundtrack made by my friend for the game we’re working on.  He’s such a virtuoso it makes me feel kind of bad, haha.

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Sketch of a scenery for the game my friend and I are working on.

I drew a Henry at school.  I didn’t have a ref or anything so sorry for inaccuracies.

Maybe I’ll colour it later.



Let’s never animate again.

Oh, and also about that thumb, it looks like a thumb but it’s part of the hand since I can’t hand.