tagged: #Innocence
Run from the Night | Caleb Bantum

Soundtrack made by my friend for the game we’re working on.  He’s such a virtuoso it makes me feel kind of bad, haha.

tagged: #Innocence

Sketch of a scenery for the game my friend and I are working on.

I drew a Henry at school.  I didn’t have a ref or anything so sorry for inaccuracies.

Maybe I’ll colour it later.



Let’s never animate again.

Oh, and also about that thumb, it looks like a thumb but it’s part of the hand since I can’t hand.

I redrew that Apollo I drew at school but in ms paint. I like dandelions a lot they’re just so… Yerroh.

I drew some Apollo at school.  I took this with my phone cam so the quality is probably real shoddy.
Maybe I should find somewhere with better lighting. 



I drew this on scratch.  The worst drawing program to ever exist.

So I was sitting around looking at some concept art for AA5 when I saw Juniper Wood’s page.

I was like, “oh this is a nice design too bad they didn’t use it.”

But then I looked closer.

"Wait that can’t be… can it?"

HOLY SHIT, IS THAT A TINY APOLLO DOLL?  Wow this is just about the most adorable thing ever, okay.  She made a tiny little smiley Apollo doll.  I want one.


Did I tell you I draw some pretty weird shit on miiverse.


Most of it is just Apollo though.


Chords of steel.